Four Trucks Vandalized For Defying General Strike

Shutdown enforcers have vandalized four trucks in course of the general strike announced for today by the Nepal Communist Party (Dahal-Nepal Group).

According to the District Police Office, the shutdown enforcers have vandalized two trucks en route to Narayangarh from Kathmandu and a truck heading to Pokhara from Birgunj.

The enforcers have vandalized trucks with the registration numbers (Na 3 Kha 393, Na 1 Ka 435 and Na 8 Kha 4480), police said.

The motorbike-borne enforcers had vandalized trucks at Bharatpur metropolitan city-1, Bhateri.

Likewise, police said that a loaded truck (Na 4 Kha 8855) en route to Narayangarh from Tandi was vandalized by protesters at Bharatpur metropolis-12, Milanchowk.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,