Fourth Mundum Trail Race To Be Held On May 1

The fourth edition of Mundum Trail Race is scheduled to kick off on 1 May 2021 (18 Baisakh 2078 BS). The premium trail race in East Nepal, the event will be held from Tawabhanjyang to Sumlikha of Bhojpur district. The distance between starting to ending is 40 kilometres.

Dozens of runners are expected to join this race, said Pabi Hang Rai, the pioneer of this race. ”This race is held in one of the Nepal Government-listed 100 destinations that is Mundum trail. That is another aspect for the glamour of this event,” explained Rai.

The race is financially supported by Swiss Government and Temkemaiyung Rural Municipality. The event is mainly categorized into three sections: one is for team, second is for male/female of forty plus age and the third is for all.

For team category, the prizes are Rs 10,000, Rs 8,000 and Rs 5,000 for first, second and third respectively along with trophy, medal and certificate. In the same category, for best 100 runners, medal and certificate are distributed.

For winners of forty plus age category, first, second and the third prizes are Rs 10,000, Rs 8,000 and Rs 5,000 together with trophy, medal and certificate respectively.

Similarly, for open category, the prize for the first (male/female) is Rs 29,999, trophy, medal and certificate. Second (male/female) will get Rs 25,500, trophy, medal and certificate. The third (male/female) winner will receive Rs. 19,900, trophy, medal and certificate. The fourth (male/female) winner will get Rs 15,500, trophy, medal and certificate. In the same category, prize for emerging male and female runner is Rs 5,555, medal and certificate.

According to the organizer, all athletes must register within April 28 (Biasakh 15) and they are responsible for any possible injuries during the race and they must manage their accessories themselves. For registration, students, non-students and foreigners are charged Rs 100, Rs 200 and Rs 500 respectively.

The first Mundum Trail Race was held in 2073 BS and drew 100 runners. The race was held from Bhojpur bazaar to Maiyung which is 27 kilometres long race track. The second race was of 56 kilometres race in felicitation of Nepal’s famed ultra runner Mira Rai which drew 150 participants. The route was from two-way run from Bhojpur to Maiyung. The third edition covered 40-kilometre-long distance from Sumlikha to Pandjhare and saw the participation of 127 athletes.

”We do expect around 200 participants in our upcoming fourth edition,” said Pabi Hang Rai, ”owing to the pandemic, we do not expect foreign runners this time around.”

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