Free Health Insurance For HIV Infected

People living with HIV/AIDS have been provided free insurance coverage in the district. The insurance coverage was materialized in coordination with the local level at the initiative of AIDS Health Foundation.

So far, 348 HIV infected and their families have been included in the insurance coverage scheme, according to chief of the Foundation in Chitwan Krishna Hari Sapkota. The highest number of people included in the scheme is from Bharatpur metropolis.

The scheme is also expected to help people infected with HIV come forward with their status. Some of the families insured have more than one member infected with HIV, Sapkota said.

According to latest statistics, there are 1,926 people living with HIV/AIDS in the district, including 147 children. A total of 967 are registered at the Foundation for Anti-retroviral drug.

In the year 2020, 79 new cases of HIV infection were recorded, including four children.

They were revealed during the test carried out in 8,762 persons, said resource person of the Foundation, Dr Yubanidhi Basaula. Fifteen infected died during the year, including one due to Coronavirus, four due to cancer, five due to tuberculosis and others due to high alcohol consumption.

Source : RSS,