Free Health Insurance To All Citizens

The Kaligandaki rural municipality of Syangja has started providing free health insurance coverage to its citizens.

Chair of the rural municipality Khim Bahadur Thapa said that the ninth village council meeting held last July has decided to include all the citizens of the rural municipality in health insurance under the ‘Prosperous Rural Municipality-Happy Citizens’ campaign. “Initially, we are providing free health insurance coverage to all citizens by giving priority to Dalits, poor, single women and minorities,” said Chairman Thapa.

The main objective of the initiative is to ensure that no citizen of the village municipality is deprived of access to health and to be able to get health check-up from time to time and get treatment easily in case of illness, said Chair Thapa.

The village municipality estimates that the program will cost around Rs. 20 million. Even though Rs. 15 million has been allocated, it will be increased as there is a shortage of Rs. 5 million, said Chairman Thapa.

Chair Thapa said that the campaign would help in achieving the goal of creating a prosperous rural municipality with healthy citizens by providing access to health to all citizens.

Chief of the health Unit Khadka Thapa, said that more than 7,000 out of 1,514 households have benefited from the implementation of the campaign by the rural municipality. The service will be provided to 22,735 members of 4,700 households in the rural municipality. The campaign will be extended to every citizen by coming September, said Thapa.

Source : RSS,