Free press must for robust democracy: General Secretary Thapa

General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Gagan Kumar Thapa, said that a free press is essential to ensure robust and functional democracy. It is also imperative to institutionalize the federal democratic republic, he added.

Inaugurating the first AGM of the Madhesh Province chapter of the Press Union at Kalaiya today, General Secretary Thapa viewed machinations were going on against the institutionalization of a federal democratic republic. Two sides- one for the constitution and another against it- surfaced, so all democratic forces must be united.

“Ill efforts were going on to trample free press and against federalism. Similarly, NC is being weakened to impose authoritarianism,” Thapa reminded, adding that the country should elect the new President from the parties except for CPN UML so that rule of law, development and prosperity would get on the right track.

Press Union Nepal’s central and province-level leaders addressed the gathering. (RSS)