Fresh Mandate Present Need: Spokesperson Gurung

Spokesperson of the government Parbat Gurung has said fresh mandate is the need of hour. At a news conference organized to share decisions of the Council of Ministers here Friday, he made it clear that government has completed every electoral process.

“The Election Commission has been making preparations for the elections,” he said, urging the political parties agitating in the streets to engage in election preparation,” he reminded. Spokesperson Gurung who is also the Minister for Information and Communications viewed there was no point in getting obfuscated because the present government has constitutional legitimacy.

The Minister appealed to all not be confused over the nature of government though some were arguing it as a caretaker. “The decisions the government makes can not be questioned,” he claimed, expressing severe concern over indecent slogans and anarchic activities in the streets.

The Minister condemned the activities that are fomenting hatred against supreme institutions, President, and the republic. He ardently supported the recent activities of the government.

According to him, the government decided to extend the terms of Consultant Editor at Gorkhapatra Corporation, Gopal Khanal, for two more years. The Cabinet endorsed the proposal to mobilize security persons from the existing Armed Police Force for the railway security. Secretary at Prime Minister’s Office, Anand Raj Dhakal, would be deputed as senior research director at Nepal Administrative Training Academy; permission would be given for the acquisition of 35 hours and 75 bighas of land in the vicinity of Tilaurakot, capital city of ancient Kapilvastu city.

Gurung further shared that the proposal to change some annexes of Nepal Health Service Regulation, 2055 was also approved.

On the occasion, he thanked Radio Nepal for ensuring its reach to entire country and launching live airing of the news conference on Cabinet decisions.

Source : RSS,