Funds Being Raised For Treatment Of Nine-Month-Old Usman

Funds are being raised for the treatment of Mohammad Usman Ali, a nine-month-old boy suffering from a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA). The victim’s family has appealed for financial help as the treatment is very expensive.

Accordingly, the Lions Club of Shuklagandaki Town has handed over Rs. 50,000 for the child’s treatment. Chairman of the club Bishnu Bahadur Rana informed that the amount was provided by the club as it is a human religion to help in times of distress. Similarly, the Nepal Muslim Ijte mothers’ group in Shuklagandaki-5 has provided Rs. 45,000 for the child’s treatment.

According to the family, the baby showed symptoms of SMA within three months of birth. Usman’s family had treated him at various hospitals in Pokhara for the past three months but he was taken to Kanti Children’s Hospital at the age of eight months. He was treated at the hospital under the supervision of pediatrician Dr Bina Prajapati.

A blood test in India confirmed Spinal muscular atrophy. Dr. Manandhar has advised that the life of the patient can be saved by using the medicine produced by Novartis Gene Therapies, which is said to cost more than Rs 250 million. This disease is rarely confirmed in Nepal. Before Usman, this type of disease was seen in 22-month-old Siona Shrestha of Bhairahawa in Nepal. She is currently undergoing treatment in Dubai.

Meanwhile, Muslim youths in Damauli have also started a fundraising campaign to save Usman. Accordingly, Rs. 25,150 has been collected from Nuri Hanafi Jame Mosque in Byas Municipality-4. “Assistance has also started to be mobilized through various individuals and organizations in Damauli,” local youth Mohammad Gaffar (Sudip) said.

Source : RSS,