General Secretary Thapa for strong, effective sister organizations

General Secretary of Nepali Congress, Gagan Kumar Thapa, has said all sister organizations of the party should be made effective and smooth.

At an interaction programme organized by Kthe athmandu Metropolitan City-8 unit of the party here Monday, General Secretary Thapa viewed the sister organizations’ smooth functioning is imperative also for the coming parliamentary election. The interaction was organized with the active members of the party.

The NC will build pa arty stand on the pressing issues in the parliament, he said, underscoring the need of involving youths in the party.

On the occasion, Bagmati Province Assembly member Narottam Vaidya viewed the leaders and cadres having differing views within the party should be respected and taken together.

Ward Chairperson Ashaman Sangat viewed garbage management in the Kathmandu Valley was being politicized. Government itself should play a vital role to manage waste, he suggested. (RSS)