Geological Study Begins In Sindhupalchowk

The geological study of vulnerable settlements of Sindhupalchowk district – that was declared a disaster-ravaged zone by the government has begun from today.

Chief Engineer of District Project Implementation Unit Sindhupalchowk Santosh Niraula shared that the geological study would first be carried out in Banskharka where the landslide-displaced of Lidi, Namfa, Sanchagaun and Bolde of Jugal rural municipality are residing.

A team comprising geological experts would make an extensive study in Banskharka of Jugal rural municipality and other areas in the first phase from today.
It may be noted that the landslide occurred in Jugal rural municipality on 14 August 2020 had killed 39 people.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Agni Prasad Sapkota took the initiative to declare Sindhupalchowk district a crisis-hit zone after a series of disasters in the district this year so as to bring people’s lives to normalcy.

The study team would first hold discussion with district coordination committee chief and chief district officer in Chautara.

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