Geophysical Survey Initiated At Paanchkhal

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The Department of archaeology has started conducting a geophysical survey at the archaeological site in Paanchkhal municipality from today.

The survey is being carried out with the help of a team of experts that has come from the United Kingdom at the Municipality’s ward no 5 and nearby heritage sites.

Department’s director Damodar Gautam said the geophysical survey is being carried out to find out the subterranean physical structures in the area in the first phase.

A team of experts from the Durham University of the UK had arrived in Nepal in the first week of this month to carry out a survey of archaeological sites at various places of the country including at Paanchkhal.

According to him, the team from Britain was called to help the Department with carrying out a geophysical survey as some artefacts and remnants of monuments that were excavated in few sites dated back to the mediaeval and the Lichchhavi period.

A team of four experts under the leadership of the Department’s archaeology officer Bishnu Pathak has been assigned for conducting the survey in paanchkhal.

Before this, the team conducted the geophysical survey at the archaeological site in Kapilbastu.

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