Government bans use of dozer and heavy machinery for projects below NRS 1 Crore

  • August 8, 2019

The government has banned the use of dozer and heavy machinery products for projects below one crore – an initiative to provide employment to people registered as unemployed under the Prime Minister Employment Projcet. “Using such machinery products snatches employment opportunities of many people”, the government believes.

Ministry for Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued a circular to all local levels entitled ” Prime Minister Employment Program Directives – 2075″, directing to restrict the use of machinery products for the projects below one crore. Issuing the circular with the aim of providing employment in all public sectors, the ministry requests all three levels of government to use manpower resources instead of machinery items on projects less than a crore.

The directives are coming into action from this year. According to the ministry, human resources will be mostly used in about all local level projects. This will put a halt to use of the dozers in small projects in communities across the country.

However, the directive will not restrict the involvement of machinery products in a situation wherein human resources do not fulfill the need. One, however needs to have a recommendation from a technical team for using them. Furthermore, the directive also says that certain portion of budget must be spent on the wages of labours during all developmental projects by all three levels of government.

The contractors of those projects in local levels will select labours from the list of those people who have registered themselves as unemployed in PM’s employment campaign