Government considering “roadworthiness” over “vehicle age” as it considers scrapping 20 year old public vehicle ban rule

The government is planning to allow public vehicles older than 20 years to ply on roads across the country, revoking its earlier decisions to ban such vehicles. It is considering checking roadworthiness over vehicular age, as suggested by transport operators and organisations.

A Cabinet meeting held on March 14, 2016 had decided to ban 20-year-old public vehicles to control accidents and air pollution. The decision had come into effect on 15th March, 2018. The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport had also set up a five-year plan to develop road, rail and transportation for a prosperous Nepal at the time.

The Federation of Public Transport Entrepreneurs had been asking the government to revoke its decision. A recent meeting between Minister for Transport and Physical Infrastructure (MoTPI) Mohammad Ishtiyaq Rayi and transport ministers from all seven provinces has decided to amend the rule.

The government is now beginning its homework on implementing the rule and is considering a special roadworthiness to test to deem if the vehicle should be allowed back on the roads.