Government Forthcoming For Sports Development – Youth And Sports Minister

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Minister for Youth and Sports, Dawa Tamang has said that the government has brought various plans for the development of the sports sector.

Inaugurating the Fourth National Sotokan Karate Championship and Suryabinayak Mayor Cup-2021 organised by Nepal Sotokan Karate Do Association (SKDUN) Bhaktapur today, he said the future of the sportspersons should also be guaranteed with sports.

Minister Tamang stated that sports has been developing in Nepal and the government has taken steps towards that end so as to raise high the country’s image at the national and international level through sports.

Noting that various sports competitions like this organised at the local level encouraged the athletes and also contributed to the development of the sports sector, the Youth and Sports Minister pointed out that the support of the local levels, too, was inevitable to pursue the development of sports in a satisfactory way.

He suggested the local levels bring and implement programmes for the development of the sport from the local level itself and to motivate the sportspersons.

More than 150 athletes from 32 Dojos of seven Sotokan Karate Dojos across the country are participating in the championship. The competition will run throughout the day today.

Mayor of Suryabinayak Municipality, Basudev Thapa will give away the prizes to the winners in the evening today, Association president Anil Shrestha said.

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