Government Preparing National Disaster Financial Resource Management Strategy

The government is preparing a national strategy for financial resource management for the prevention of damage at times of disaster and for implementing the post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA) under the Ministry of Home Affairs has forwarded the process in this connection. Discussions are on regarding the draft of the strategy at present, NDRRMA chief executive officer Anil Pokharel said.

“Economic and financial matters are important in the management of relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation after any disaster. These activities cannot go ahead smoothly in the absence of management of funds for that purpose. It is believed that the problem related to management of funds for the post-disaster reconstruction, rescue and rehabilitation would be resolved with the implementation of the strategy,” Pokharel said.

According to him the concept of formulating the strategy has been moved ahead realizing the need of setting up and managing a fund for reducing the damage caused by disaster and for resilience.

Source : RSS,