Government Starts Process For Releasing Chand-Led Group Leaders, Cadres

The government has begun the process of releasing the Netra Bikram Chand-led Group leaders and cadres with the withdrawal of a ban against the group activities. The development follows the signing a three-point agreement between the two sides.

According to Nepal Police Headquarters, for those already entering the court proceedings may require the decision of the Council of Ministers for the release, but those remaining under the administration offices and those in under interrogation will be freed after going through certain procedures.

Though we are yet to be updated about the number released today, it is confirmed that the release has begun. Dharmendra Bastola who was arrested from Kathmandu a week was released from Kavrepalanchwok today.

According to the police, presently 144 group leaders/cadres are in police custody. The arrest has begun in March 2019 and over this course above 2,082 people were taken under control for their alleged association with the Group.

Following the agreement, the Thursday’s meeting of Council of Ministers held in the Prime Minister’s official residence decided to remove the ban against the group. The details of the agreement will be announced amidst a special programme today. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and

Group’s general secretary Netra Bikram Chand are scheduled to address the event.

The government has banned the Group’s activities on March 12, 2019 citing its activities were violent.

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