Govt Advised To Bar Entry Of Foreigners From Indian Border

COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre Operation (CCMC-Ops) Sunday advised the government to not allow the foreign nationals to enter Nepal from the Indian border points.
A meeting of the CCMC-Ops chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Ishwar Pokhrel decided to recommend this and table it to the next meeting of the Council of Ministers for final nod.
As stringent coronavirus infections started becoming uncontrollable in India, there were calls for tightening the border checkpoints.
According to Ganesh Pandey, Press Advisor to DPM Pokhrel, the recommendation will, however, not be applied to Nepalis, who wish to come to Nepal from India.
If the CCMC’s proposal gets approved by the Council of Ministers, Indian citizens will not be allowed to enter Nepal from the border.
The recommendation will, however, not hamper the import and export of goods from India to Nepal.
Meanwhile, the meeting held today recommended the government to postpone all the school, college and university level examinations that were beginning from Monday (April 26), according to one of the members of CCMC-Ops representing the Nepali Army.
The CCMC meeting has further recommended that the District COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre (DCCMC) be given the right to decide on the lockdown order based on the daily situation of the infection rate in the cities, rural areas, according to the Nepali Army source.