Govt. allows illegal crusher companies to operate temporarily

Stating that several large development projects have been affected after the government’s previous decision to shut down the illegally run crusher industries, the government has decided to allow those crusher industries to operate temporarily.

The government has set a condition that such illegally operated crusher companies should be registered and pay their taxes by mid-July or they will be shut down again.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet meeting decided to allow previously halted crusher industries to operate due to a shortage of construction materials, including sand and gravel, which has affected development works.

According to the spokesperson for the Department of Roads Bhim Arjun Adhikari, various big projects, including the Nagdhunga Tunnel Construction Project which was meant to be completed by April 26, have been hit hard by the scarcity of construction materials as the government decided to shut down crusher industries.

Most of the construction activities take place between October and March, after the end of the monsoon season.

Around 75 percent of the crusher industries of Nepal were closed after the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) issued a circular to all 77 district administration offices, on January 4, directing to shut down crusher industries that were operating without registration or updated permits.