Govt Approves New Pay Scale Of Employees

The government has approved the new salary scale of the government employees beginning this fiscal year (July 16, 2021).

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held today took the decision to approve the new salary scale of all civil servants, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force, Nepal personnel, employees under the Nepal Health Service, Parliament Service, community schoolteachers and the employees of the province and local levels, government spokesperson and Minister for Law Gyanendra Bahadur Karki said.

Likewise, Joint Secretary Govinda Prasad Sharma was promoted to the post of special class officer and was deputed as the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development. Karki said that ‘Hello Sarkar Grievances Handling Directive 2078 has been sent to the Administration Committee of the Council of Ministers and the Special Economic Zone (First Amendment) Regulations 2078 has been sent to Economic and Infrastructure Committee for discussions.

Also today, the Military Service (Fourth Amendment) Regulations 2078 has been sent to the Legislation Committee, according to Karki. Furthermore, Kamal Bahadur Bogati, an official of the Upper Trishuli III ‘A’ Hydropower Project, has been assigned to carry out the task of land acquisition and advance preliminary jobs. The cabinet also decided to promote Sudhir Bhattarai, Ghanshyam Lamsal and Tej Bahadur Chhetri to the post of joint-secretary (First Class Gazetted Officer) and depute them in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or line agencies.

Source : RSS,