Govt endorses Committee’s report to ease tension between govt and biplav

  • July 26, 2019

A report prepared by a Parliamentary Political Dialogue committee as a resolution to Chanda-led Biplav party’s ongoing vandalism, general strikes across the nation for few years has been passed by the government. The implementation of the report is expected to bring the underground group out in a peaceful way.

The Committee headed by lawmaker Som Prasad Pandy has submitted the report in what they have suggested the government to welcome the outlawed party as a ‘political entity’ despite of its past notorious reputation in order to end the conflict between the government and the outlawed party.

According to Minister Gokul Banskota, a cabinet meeting held earlier this week also supported the decision to forward the report towards the Ministry of Home Affair for implementation. According to Pandey, the report acknowledges the facts that the group is in political nature and it has also involved into extreme violent acts. But negotiation with the underground party is only the political situation to end the conflict.

Before the Biplav was declared as an outlawed party by the government on 12 March, banning all activities following the cases of bombing in the valley, it was also operating into such vandalism in semi-underground way. Since then Police started arresting the cadres of the group across the nation. Police have arrested at least 600 cadres till now.