Govt, Public Joint Effort Can Defeat Coronavirus: DPM

Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Ishwar Pokhrel Friday said that only joint hands of the government and the general public can fight decisive battle against the coronavirus pandemic.
Talking to media persons at Singha Durbar this afternoon, DPM Pokhrel, who is also the coordinator of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Centre, said that collaboration between the government and the people was necessary to fight against this virus as the government’s effort alone would be insufficient to defeat it.
“I want to appeal to all the citizens that since the whole world is now fighting against this virus, we must work hand-in-hand to stop it from spreading,” he said.
Stating that the government had issued COVID-19 Control and Prevention Order-2078 to keep the second wave of the pandemic caused by the new variant at bay, DPM Pokhrel said that the decision was taken considering the government’s responsibility towards its citizens.
“The main objective is not to let this wave spread all over the country, and the important thing is that the work shouldn’t be seen as the government’s responsibility alone,” he said, adding, “We have made all necessary arrangements, including hospitals and medical supplies, in a bid to safeguard people’s health, which is the most precious resource of the country.”
He added that the work was being done to make the previously established Coronavirus Special Hospital more organized as well as more effective and that over 1.8 million people have been vaccinated against the virus and the Ministry of Health had started the process to procure the more vaccines.