Green Bangles Sale Soars During Month Of Shrawan

With the beginning of the month of Shrawan of the Nepali Year from July 16, the sales of green bangles have risen exponentially once again.

Every year during the month of Shrawan, the tradition of wearing green clothes and accessories like bangles comes alive.

“Compared to any other months in a year, it is Shrawan when the sales of green bangles alongside clothes and necklaces increase. There is a crowd of women in the shops selling such items during this period,” said Anjana Giri, a shopkeeper who sells bangles in Rajbiraj.

As per Giri, among the sold items, 90 per cent are green bangles during Shrawan. The green bangles are either plain or with patterns and the prices range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 per dozen.

“Married women mostly love bangles with patterns while unmarried ones love plain ones. Women also buy Mehendi and green tika,” said Anita Chauhan as she sits in front of a well-decorated bangle shop.

“Shrawan is a religious month when women pray to Lord Shiva. Many years ago during this month, goddess Parvati observed intense fasting seeking Shiva following which the month is celebrated with great religious and cultural importance by the Nepali women,” said Sanjay Jha, a priest.

As per the myths, married women pray for the long life and happiness of their spouse while unmarried women pray for a good life partner. Women also fast every Monday and consume vegetarian foods during the month.

“Green is a symbol of love and environment and the green bangles resemble a happy life. I also wear green bangles in Shrawan as elders say that it helps fulfil our heart’s desire,” said a woman who had arrived to buy green bangles at a shop in Rajbiraj.

Source : TRN,