Gyanendra Shahi in ‘police custody’

  • September 16, 2019

In a new episode of the Tourism Minister Nepalgunj flight delay – Gyanendra Shahi, one of the passenger accosting/questioning Minister Bhattarai has been taken into police custody. Gyanendra Shahi, who calls himself an ‘anti-corruption campaigner’ will be investigated for harassing the Tourism Minister.

Shahi had organised a press meet in Pulchowk on Sunday – however he had to be offered police protection after a few people hurled abusive words and attacked him during the press meet. He was subsequently taken to Patan Hospital and treated for minor injuries.

While in custody, in the evening, Shahi was again served an arrest warrant – for harassing Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai. Police maintained an investigation had to be conducted since the charges were laid. He is being kept in custody in Lalitpur Police Station – meanwhile police will ‘investigate into the matter.’

Police have not revealed who laid the charges, however, Shahi is being investigating for ‘harassing and showing indecent behaviour’ towards the minister. He is also being charged for showing ‘disruptive behaviour by airlines passengers’, as per Article 9A of the Civil Aviation Act. The article states ‘committing an act of violence against a person on board an aircraft on flight or the likelihood of any danger to be caused to the safety of an aircraft by such an act’ is an offence.

The incident also has varying accounts, therefore requires an investigation, according to the tourism minister, he was only late by ‘fifteen minutes’, the flight was further delayed because the 4/5 irritated passengers continued their disruptive behaviour. Shahi and friends maintain he was late by more than half an hour – and kept a fully boarded plane waiting.