Hailstones, Light Rains To Continue Till Today

With the development of local atmospheric pressure and westerly wind, Nepal’s major hilly regions from east to west have been witnessing thunders and light to moderate rains since Thursday evening.
“A combination of the local and westerly wind contributed to the activation of pre-monsoon phenomena since Thursday night including Kathmandu Valley,” senior meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal told The Rising Nepal on Friday.
When the sky of Kathmandu and other hilly regions cleared and their maximum temperature increased, the way was paved for pre-monsoon activities, he claimed.
“The present weather phenomena accompanied by thunder, strong wind and light to partial rains will continue in many parts of the country for next three days, and again the same situation may repeat from Monday which will last for another three days,” Aryal said, adding, “It is natural to have sporadic thunder, strong winds and rains in some places of the country at the height of pre-monsoon season.”
Pre-monsoon in Nepal begins from March and last until May.
Meanwhile, according to the meteorological forecasting division under the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, Bagmati, Gandaki, and Lumbini Provinces will have maximum amount of rainfalls and hailstones on Friday and Saturday this week.
Meanwhile, hailstones and strong winds lashed most parts of the country on Thursday night.