Health Minister Urges To Adopt Health Protocols In View Of COVID-19

Minister for Health and Population Hridesh Tripathi has urged all to follow health protocols in view of possible second wave of COVID-19 outbreak. He urged all to use face mask, maintain social distancing and resort to frequent hand washing.

Speaking at the House of Representative meeting today, Minister Tripathi opined to maintain caution as the COVID-19 cases were reported to have been increasing of late in the country.

The Health Minister shared that the government will administer COVID vaccines to over six million people by June this year.

Minister further shared that over Rs 5.72 billion was spent in COVID-19 related activities so far. Similarly, Rs 48 billion has been allocated for the upcoming days to this end.

Over 400,000 people were kept in quarantines so far in the country. He also shared that the COVID-19 labs were established in 48 government-owned institutions and 36 run by the NGOs. Minister Tripathi further shared that the efforts were underway to purchase more vaccines.

Source : RSS,