Health Ministry Urges People Not To Use ‘Corona Guard’

The Ministry of Health and Population has urged all not to use ‘corona guard’.

Issuing a notice, the Ministry asked not to buy ‘corona guard’ which it said was being sold in the market claiming it would prevent, control and make coronavirus inactive.

Joint Spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari, requested all not to buy such misleading ‘card’ as the ‘corona guard’ which does not work in prevention and control of coronavirus.

He said, “Such guard, as advertised, that is claimed will make coronavirus inactive and those using this card should not wear a mask, is baseless. No such technology to control COVID-19 has been developed so far.”

The Ministry last year had urged one and all not to use ‘virus removing card’, which was also said for use to protect from coronavirus.

Vaccination, always wearing face masks and following all health safety protocols is only the measure to be safe from coronavirus infection, according to the Ministry.
The Ministry also requested one and all to use health safety protocols as the risk of coronavirus has increased with the relaxation of the prohibitory order.

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