Helambu Highway Blocked

The Helambu Highway has been blocked again due to landslides caused by continuous rainfall. The highway has been obstructed after a landslide at Phatakshila Ratopaharo of Melamchi Municipality-13 on the Melamchi-Jirokilo road section, police said.

Inspector at the Area Police Office, Melamchi, Tikaram Rai, has urged the people to use alternative roads as it is difficult to remove the debris of the landslide due to continuous rain. Landslides from above have been blocking the road while rivers from below have been washing away parts of the road here since last July.

Houses at Pairabari at risk

Houses of Rampur Pairabari Melamchi-10 are at risk of being damaged after landslides started falling from above the road. According to local Prashant Karki, stones are also falling down since the Pirabari Jyamire road was constructed last year.

He said that there are three houses of earthquake survivors and two other houses below the road. The locals have complained that they could not sleep for fear of an accident due to falling rocks. They lamented that the municipality has not shown any interest even after being reported about the landslides and the risk it has posed to public life and property.

Soon after the rains start, the locals in the area are compelled to flee their homes.

Source : RSS,