High Alerts Placed After ‘Killer’ Tiger Escapes From Enclosure

High alerts have been placed after a Bengal tiger which was confined by the Banke national park escaped the boundary.

According to the national park sources, high alert measures have been adopted after the ‘killer’ tiger ran away from the enclosure.

Chief Conservation Officer of the national park, Shyam Kumar Shah said announcement was made to place high alert along the highway and buffer zone inside the national park area when the beast escaped from the enclosure.

He urged the locals of buffer zone not to enter into the forest unless in any emergency. Regular cautionary notices have been imparted calling for the public not to make any mobility in the area from Shivakhola to Pragatinagar along the East-West Highway on foot or by cycle or motorbike during the night time.

The Division Forest Office, Bardiya had handed over the tiger that was held from the Khata organic route of Bardiya on 18 March 2021 to the Banke national park. The menacing tiger had escaped from the enclosure placed in the Khairi post area of the park at around 6.00 am on Tuesday.

Source : RSS,