High Wages Make Humla-Natives Stay Happy In Taklakot

The people of Humla who were stuck in Taklakot in the Burang County of China and unable to return to the country at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic were sad then, but are very happy now.
Not much affected by the coronavirus, Nepalis there have been able to find steady work and have, in fact, been making up to Rs. 100,000 a month.

Jung Bahadur Lama, who is currently in Taklakot, told The Rising Nepal that the pandemic had created a labour shortage in the area, pushing the wages of the Nepalis who are still there up.
“There is no shortage of daily-wage works here and we are able to earn Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 100,000 a month. Some even earn more,” Jung Bahadur said.
There are 147 residents of Humla currently in Taklakot.

While many of them were desperate to return home to be with their families at the start of the coronavirus outbreak in Nepal, now, they are more than happy to stay because of high pay they receive there.
“Humla-natives living in China are earning quite a decent amount and many are now investing that money in real estate back home,” said businessman Tek Bahadur Lama. “COVID-19 has uplifted their livelihoods,” Tek Bahadur, who is in Humla, added.
Considered hardworking and sincere, individuals and businesses prefer hiring Nepalis for work rather than people of other nationalities. The men are recruited in the fields of construction, drinking water, irrigation, sanitation and as shop hands. Women are employed in hotels. 

Source : TRN,