Highest Number Of Wildfire Incidents Recorded This Year

A record number of wildfire incidents have been recorded in Nepal in the last six months compared to the number of similar incidents in the given period over a decade.

According to the data revealed by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, a total of 6,415 incidents of wildfire were recorded from October 2012 to April 2021.

The Authority informed that 379 wildfires had occurred in the year 2012, which had affected 40 districts. However this year, a whopping 2,713 incidents of wildfire affecting 73 districts were witnessed in a span of six months.

Sundar Sharma, an expert on forest fire, said that Nepal was at high risk of being affected by wildfire for the next one and a half months. “Thus, I request all stakeholders to remain alert,” he said, adding that the cases of forest fire had increased in the recent days as the lands have dried due to lack of rainfall for a long time.