Hitendra Dev Shakya Seeks To Stay In NEA, Files Writ Petition At SC Against Appointment Of Kulman Ghishing

Former managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Hitendra Dev Shakya has filed a writ petition at the Supreme Court demanding invalidation of the appointment of Kulman Ghishing as the managing director.

Shakya has, in the petition registered at the SC, sought an interim order for his own reinstatement to the post by canceling the appointment of Ghishing to the post, according to Babu Ram Dahal, spokesperson of the SC.

A hearing on Shakya’s petition has been scheduled for Wednesday, said Dahal.

Shakya was appointed at the energy commission for four years by providing him perks and privileges at par with a government secretary as per understanding made between him and the concerned ministry.

Source : TRN,