HoR dissolution unconstitutional

The Democratic Thought Society has termed the act of dissolving the House of Representatives as unconstitutional. Issuing a statement here on Saturday, Society Chair Dr Kedar Narsingh KC said the mid-night declaration of elections by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister as the country is reeling under a pandemic was unconstitutional. “The complicit act of the Prime Minister and President to declare elections is inhumane considering the public health and unconstitutional legally,” reads the statement. The act of the Prime Minister not seeking a vote of confidence as per Article 76 (3) of the Constitution and being appointed again as per Sub-article 5 is unconstitutional prima facie. The President, who is the guardian of the Constitution in a neutral and independent role, has failed to fulfill her constitutional duties by enforcing the recommendation of the Prime Minister hastily at mid-night. The act of the Prime Minister to repeatedly announce mid-term elections despite the popular mandate for a full term does not lead the country towards political stability, adds the statement.

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