HoR Does Not Get Dissolved As Per Article 76 Of Constitution: Speaker Sapkota

Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota has said the House of Representative (HoR) cannot be dissolved as long as the option exists before the HoR to form government as per Article 76 of the Constitution of Nepal. Such provision was made with the belief that there would not be different interpretation, but the separation of power and checks and balances maintained well, he stressed in a press statement on Wednesday.

“It is unforgettable here that the full term of the HoR was envisioned in the Constitution by correcting the past maladies and to address people’s aspiration for prosperity,” Speaker Sapkota reminded, adding that the ‘unexpected obstruction’ to the HoR in the wake of the efforts being made to begin its seventh session on January 1 in line with Article 93 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal shocked him and the HoR.

According to him, the adherence to the Constitution promulgated by the Constituent Assembly based on the movements carried over the past seven decades is the prime responsibility of the entire nation. He also pointed out the need of high level of consensus among the political parties again for the protection of the Constitution.

Speaker Sapkota stated in the press release that time has come for honourable HoR members, political parties, civil society, law practitioners, intellectuals, media and all the stakeholders to be further sensitive and serious for the constitutional supremacy.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,