HoR Will Be Reinstated: Chair Nepal

Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) Prachanda-Nepal group Madhav Kumar Nepal has said that dissolution of the House of Representatives is not acceptable. Speaking at a mass meeting held by the party at Bhrikutimandap today, he said that the act of dissolving the house was against the Constitution, the people and their revolution, and also against the decision of the NCP itself.

Stating that the matter is now before the Supreme Court, leader Nepal expressed the confidence that the apex court would announce its verdict as per the norms and values of the Constitution. “I am confident that the institution responsible for the interpretation of the Constitution would give its verdict as per the Constitution and popular mandate,” he said while adding that the HoR will be reinstated. In the meantime, there is no option than to take to the streets against the unconstitutional act of the government.

The NCP, the Nepali Congress, the Janata Samajbadi Party and all other political forces and intellectuals have taken to the streets against the dissolution of the HoR. All forces needs to come together to reinstate the HoR and guide the country towards the right path.

He also said that the current problem was a result of neglect of the party rules and discipline by the person leading the party and government. “As a result, a disciplinary action was taken against Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for taking a step beyond the constitution.”

The former Prime Minister said collaboration with Oli, who was expelled as the party Chair but not as member, was possible if he expressed remorse over his decision to dissolve the HoR and took it back.

Source : RSS, Photo : RSS,