Hospital recommends treatment to injured leader Bhandari in well-equipped hospital outside

Nepali Congress (NC) home last night is being treated at intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Kirtipur-based Burn Hospital leader Dr Chandra Bhadnari who sustained injures after explosion of a cooking gas cylinder at his.

Leader Bhandari along with his mother Harikala Bhadnari, 86, are undergoing treatment at ICU in the same hospital, shared medical director of the hospital, Dr Nijina Tamrakar. Both of them were injured after the cooking gas cylinder explored at Buddhanagar-based home of Bhandari last night.

Dr Kiran Nakarmi, Chief of Burn Treatment Department of the Hospital, shared that Dr Bhandari has almost 25-30 percent burn injuries including face, both hands and legs while his mother has 70 percent burn injuries including almost all body parts.

Dr Nakarmi further said that there was high chance of internal burn due to inhalation of hot air and smoke through respiratory pipe.

The hospital has referred treatment in well-equipped hospital outside as the medical resources and means available in the country are not possible to offer best treatment, reads the statement of the hospital. (RSS)