Humla Receives 7,000 Quintals Of Food Stuff

The central office of Food Management and Trading Company has decided to provide 7,000 quintals of food stuff to Humla.
A month ago, the district had requested to supply 14,000 quintals of food stuff but the company had only sent half of the requested amount; the remaining 7,000 quintals of food stuff is set to be sent soon.
The food stuff will be transported to Humla from Surkhet by air. Officials said that bringing food stuff from Surkhet would be Rs. 8.50 cheaper/kg than that from Nepalgunj.
While the Humla administration was worried about running out of stock, the incoming 7,000 quintals of food stuff is expected to support them for some more time.
“Maybe we can now sustain until the end of the current fiscal year. The process to transport the food stuff is ongoing,” said Bharat Adhikari, non-gazetted officer at the Humla branch of the company.