Humla Section Of Karnali Corridor Built In Timeframe

The Development and Construction team of the Nepali Army has completed the construction work of Humla section under the Karnali Corridor within the stipulated time.
The army has completed its preliminary work of 39 km road of Humla section of the corridor in time. Chairman of Adanchuli Rural Municipality Dal Bahadur Fadera said that the Nepali Army had completed the construction of the road from Kawadi to Salisalla in the Humla section of the Karnali Corridor.
He said that the 27 km stretch of road from Madhya Kawadi to Balukuna was already in operation but the public were not allowed to operate any other public transport except the army on the remaining 12 km stretch of road from Balukuna to Salisalla.
The Nepali Army had started the work in the Humla section in May, 2018 and has now completed its preliminary work within two years, said Milan Karki, Chief Planning Officer of the Project.
He said that the army has succeeded in completing the construction of 39 km road of Humla section in two years. In the hard rocky area, the army had been working together with machines, explosives and workers.
Karki said that only one thousand cubic metres of the section is left to be walled and filled with mud in the gabion wall and that was also being done by the Nepali Army and the public.
He said that the army has taken the rest of the work to the final stage despite the prohibitory order being enforced in the district due to the coronavirus infection.
While the work of the other parts was being completed, the construction team of the army had stated that the work would be completed in May, 2021.
Similarly, the army has also been clearing the road debris remaining on the roadside from Khulal area of Kalikot district so as to operate vehicles. All the remaining minor works along the project side will be given finishing touch at once, he said.
Karki said that the army had completed its work as per the pre-scheduled time and now will hand over to the Department of Roads after leveling the roads properly within this month.