Humla Thakuri Community Celebrating Gaura Festival

Gaura Parba, one of the major festivals of the Sudurpaschim Province, has begun at the Thakuri settlements of Humla from Tuesday. Women from different villages observe the festival with fanfares and gaieties.
The women engage in weeklong fasting and feasting. Besides, they sing Gaura songs and dance with great devotion and pomp throughout the day.

Premkala Shahi of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-5, who has been singing Gaura song since Monday morning, said that the women of her neighbourhood are joyfully celebrating the festival by fasting and praying for the happiness and prosperity of their family members.
On the occasion, women sing the hymns of goddess Bhari and Lord Shiva as they perform special dances. At least one woman from the Thakuri family participates in this dancing and singing programme. Ward Chairman of Simkot Rural Municipality-7 Raj Bahadur Shahi said the festival begins by worshiping Lord Shiva and chanting hymns.

According to him, women adorned in red attires and jewellery participate in the programme.
On the first day, men and women come together to bring Gaura by performing dance with shields and swords. On the second day, they bring it to the temple.
This festival is celebrated among the Thakuri community of Simkot, Kharpunath, Sarkegard, Chankheli, Adanchuli and Tanjakot villages of the district.
People from all over the district come together to observe the festivities.

Source : TRN,