Hydro Project Sees Delay In Equipment Installation And Production

The under-construction Rasuwagadhi hydropower project has witnessed delay in the installation of equipment due to sheer ignorance on part of the contractor company.

No equipment has been so far installed in the power house due to dillydally of VOITH India, an Indian Company responsible for equipment placement.

Hydropower Project Chief Chhabi Gaire shared that they have repeatedly following up the Indian company to comply with the memorandum of understanding.

The company was entrusted with the responsibility to accomplish the given works, including import and installation of equipment at the contracted amount of Rs 2.8 billion.

The 111-MW project requires a year-long time for installing the equipment in power house and so far 50 percent of the progress has to be made. However, it has resulted in delay in the production of power from the project due to negligence of the contractor.

The equipment to be installed in the power house have been already stored in the project site and the installation would take momentum once the technical human resources are available.

Source : RSS,