ICC Men’s T20 World Cricket Asia Region Qualifier: Nepal claims victory over Malaysia

  • July 24, 2019

File Photo Supplied: Facebook/T20WorldCup

National Cricket team has won Malaysia in their second match being played at Indian Association Cricket Ground, Singapore today to secure its position in the ICC T20 World Cup Qualifiers. This is the second match Nepal has played in the Qualifier. Nepal in its first match lost to Qatar by four wickets while Malaysia beat Kuwait. Nepal has to win three consecutive remaining matches  in order to be selected in the qualifiers.

The match which was played at Indian Association Cricket Ground, Singapore, had to be postponed due to rainfall there, thereby consequently reducing the match to 9 over each.

Losing the toss, Malaysia batted first. The day was unlucky for Malaysia as Anwar Arudin was run out in the very first ball of the first over. Shafiq Sharif was also bowled out at the end of the first over by Nepalese baller Sompal Kami, though Syed Aziz had compensated the loss by bringing two fours in the first over, becoming a dull starting for Malaysia.

However, Aziz could not make a very long stand after the four overs when Sandip Lamichhane bowled him out. Then Virandeep Singh’s entry in the four showed some affirming flame to Malaysia; however, he also ended up with a bowl out of Regmi from Nepal, becoming the second top scorer with 21 runs – Aziz had gathered 30 runs for the country.

As the turn to bat came for Nepal, the duo of PS Airee and G Malla showed a great partnership securing 11 runs in the very first over. They kept ruling the ground until Malla was run out in the sixth over. The duo had already secured 66 runs for the country then when Malaysia took their first wicket.

After the entry of B Bhandari in the place of Malla, Airee was also run out shortly in the 8th over. Similarly, DS Airee also only made up until the 8th over. Then at last the responsibility of winning fell upon the shoulders of duo Vesawkar and Bhandari. At last, it was Bhandari’s deciding sixer that lifted up the country beyond the winning run.

Gyanendra Malla hold the title of the best player of the match by becoming the top scorer for the country. He had secured 51 runs.