Identities of 25 storm victims ascertained

April 2, 2019

Of the 27 killed in the storm in Bara and Parsa district that took place on Sunday evening, the identities of 25 have been ascertained.
Of them, 26 from Bara and one from Parsa- had lost their lives and 668 people were injured in the incident.
According to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA), rescue operation was being undertaken in the storm hit- site and detailed were awaited.
Among the deceased 12 were men, 10 women and five children.
Ministry’s Spokesperson Ram Krishna Subedi said that those seven critically injured in the incident were airlifted to Kathmandu and receiving treatment at the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH).
The dead bodies of nine people have been kept at Narayani Sub-Zonal Hospital and 18 in Kalaiya District Hospital, according to the Police Headquarters in Naxal.
The ward no 1 and 6 of Feta Rural Municipality were hardest hit in the incident. Altogether 13 deceased were from Feta Rural Municipality alone, four were Indian nationals and one from Birgunj.
The deceased from Feta Rural Municipality have been identified as Hari Narayan Das, 50, Manoram Devi Das, 45, Runa Devi, 24, Nanda Patel, 6, Ravi Khatun, 12, Babima Khatun, 12, Mustakima Khatun, 50, and Meena Khatun, 25.
Similarly, those from Feta Rural Municplaity-6 were Nokshara Miya, 11, four-year-old Alisha Khatun, Sakhiya Khatun, 40, Samsida Khatun, 12 and Sabanam Khatun, 18, according to the MoHA.
Likewise, Ram Majahi,45, Suraj Mukhiya, 4, Akshaya Lal Majhi,55, of Parshani and Gadhima Devi, 50, of Kalaiya-18 and Tarikfa Khatun of Subarnapur-8 of Bara district died in the incident.
Moreover, Koiri Devi, 75, of Mahagadhimai-7 and Shree Prasad Yadav, 65, of Subarnapur-4 in the district were also killed in the incident.
The Indian nationals killed in the incident have been identified as Hitlal Sahani, Rajesh Mukhiya, Abadesh Pashwan, Radhe Lodhi from Motihari, according to the police.
Police also ascertained the identity of Saroj Ram of Birgunj.

Of the total 668 injured in the incident, 284 have returned home after receiving treatment while seven critically injured were receiving treatment at the TUTH at Maharajgunj.
Those receiving treatment at the TUTH are Krishna Patel, 36, Muhammad Miya, 59, Suresh Patel, 50, 3-year-old Aman Patel, Geeta Devi Patel, 35, Muna Ansari, 33, of Feta Rural Municipality and nine-year-old Salina Khatun of Parsa. (RSS)