Illegal Crypto Trading: 97.4 Million Rupees Embezzled

The Department of Revenue Investigation has filed a case against two persons on the charge of trading in foreign exchange illegally.

The department has filed a case against Pushkar Shrestha and Binita Limbu of Ratuwamai Municipality-7, Morang on Monday in the Kathmandu District Court under the Foreign Exchange (Regularization) Act, 2019, according to a statement issued by the department here today.

They have been found to have illegally traded US dollars through mass collusion using means such as OneXwet, Destruction, AdvCash, Coinbase and Pack full, which are banned in Nepal.

It has been exposed that they were involved in the US dollar exchange and as an investor in crypto. The accused Shrestha was found to have embezzled a total of collected Rs. 8.6 million from Mega Bank, Rs. 25.1 million from Citizen Bank, Rs. 18.2 million from NIC Asia Bank and Rs.

23.6 million from Rastriya Banijya Bank. Similarly, the accused Limbu is found to have embezzled Rs. 216.98 million from NIC Asia Bank.

The department has filed a case against the accused demanding confiscation of embezzled amount and punishment and up to three years imprisonment.

Source : RSS,