Import Of Vehicles From Rasuwagadhi Up

The import of China-made vehicles is on increasing trend from the Rasuwagadhi transit here.

Thirty five truck dumpers, six minibuses, 16 microbuses, three concrete mixer lorries, two delivery vans, one large crane, four electric cars, 58 trailers, 16 electric motors, four electric scooters, six trucks and 36 bicycles were imported from China via the transit point from mid-July till date, Chief Customs Officer Ram Prasad Regmi said.

Five hundred sixty eight big and small vehicles were imported through this northern transit point last fiscal year.

There is an indication that the import of vehicles will increase in this fiscal year. The Chinese drivers bring the vehicles up to the Friendship Bridge of Rasuwagadhi and the Nepali drivers take them to their destination after clearing the customs checking process with the increase in the COVID-19 risk, Office’s spokesperson Narendra Chaudhary said.

According to the Rasuwagadhi Customs Office, equipment required for various hydroelectricity projects are also being imported through this transit point.

The other goods imported via the transit point are ready-made clothes, mobile phones, shoes, slippers, computer parts, electric spare parts, walnut, garlic, onion, thermos flasks among others.

Traders have also started importing apples through this transit point with the Bada Dashain festival drawing closer. Twenty four containers or more than 240 tonnes of apple has been imported from September 17 till date.

Dharma Poudel, one of the traders, said the traders and businesspersons are busy managing their import cargo including fruits and all types of goods for easing the supplies as per the demand of the Nepali market.

It is said the Musa Transport, a Chinese transport company, transports the goods up to Rasuwagadhi in swift manner after demands are placed before the production companies by traders.

A total one billion 599 thousand 48 rupees has been collected as revenue from various customs duties from mid-July till mid-September of the current fiscal year.

Meanwhile, the Customs office said that they are facing problems in processing the customs duties and conducting customs checking of the imported goods due to the internet and power disruption. Chief Customs Officer Regmi said they have requested Nepal Telecom for fixing the internet problem.

Similarly, it is said it takes up to three days to pass those containers and vehicles of which the customs checking is cleared as the highway from Syaphrubesi to Rasuwagadhi is most of the time disrupted due to landslide.

Source : RSS,