“In case of emergency, contact the Embassy”: Foreign Minister Gyawali to MNTV

Nepal’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Pradeep Gyawali appeared for a live interview with MNTV’s editor Chiranjebi Devkota. In a detailed interview, the Minister addressed several queries concerning Nepal and its widespread Diaspora. To thousands of stranded Nepalis across the world, Minister Gyawali has advised them to immediately contact the Embassy of Nepal in the respective country for assistance.

Speaking about Nepal, and its lockdown Minister Gyawali thanked Nepalis across the nation for their support towards helping the government in making the lockdown a success. “Nepalis have understood the importance of the lockdown, and we thank them for their support”, Minister Gyawali said to Devkota.

The minister also said the pandemic has made the government realise the state’s healthcare infrasrucuture is weak, and their spending on health care infrastructure was low. The government would be spending more on healthcare infrastructure in the future.

The Minister also assured international students in Australia that the two governments’ are aware of their plights, and are working towards addressing their need. “Foreign Minister Payne, I believe addressed the issue in Australia’s parliament a few days ago”, he added.

Addressing the government’s decision on a total ban on arrivals of its residents, Minister Gyawali said an ‘estimated 15% of Nepal’s population is abroad – many in areas where the infection levels are high. While bringing them all in poses a logistical challenge, it is also important to note that right now too much movement is not advised. Nevertheless, we are receiving constant updates about Nepalis abroad, and assure them that the government is working towards working for their interests”.

The minister also said that the government has advised all Nepalese embassies/missions to be vigilant and address the needs of its citizens stranded abroad. “We advise you to contact the embassy in case of emergency”, he added.

Minister Gyawali also answered a few questions of the public. A worker stranded in Malaysia was told not to worry about his visa, as the two government’s are working in coordination. He was also advised to contact the Nepali Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

Addressing the issue at the southern border, Minister Gyawali said India and Nepal are working together – the stranded Nepalis will be kept in 14 day quarantine, tested, and then allowed to cross into Nepal.

The minister has reminded us that the crisis is not a national crisis, but a global crisis – and that everyone is working in their own capacity in the best interest of its people.

MNTV editor Chiranjebi thanked Minister Gyawali and ended the interview.

You can follow the link to watch the full interview: https://www.facebook.com/MNTVAustralia/videos/235611717846315/