Incessant Rainfall Damages Country’s Oldest Canal

Chandra canal, the oldest irrigation canal of the country, has collapsed due to incessant rainfall.

Floods in various rivulets including Amaha and Tengral damaged the canal at two places of Baraldaha in Saptakoshi municipality-4. Mayor Uttam Gautam said that the canal has been damaged up to 50 metres in the areas.

Around 300 houses of Ward no 1, 2, 4 and 11 of Saptakoshi municipality have been inundated after the canal collapsed, he added. The houses have been filled up to three feet of water, it is said.

Similarly, around 200 houses of Mansapur of Tilathi-Koiladi rural municipality-7 and Barsain of ward no 5 have also been waterlogged due to flood in Jita river, said Chairperson of the rural municipality, Satish Kumar Singh.

Maniyar Prasahi area of Mahadeva rural municipality is at the risk due to high water flow at Chandra canal than its capacity.

source : RSS,