Incumbent Govt Will Complete Its Full Term: Chair Dahal

Chairperson of the CPN (Maoist Centre), Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that election would be held only in its scheduled date.

Inaugurating the 30th general assembly and 16th convention of the Chitwan chapter of Chamber of Commerce and Industry today, Chair Dahal made it clear that the incumbent government would complete its full term.

He shared, “The government has got a full shape yesterday. People had cast doubt that an accident might take place before the government gets its full shape. However, it has escaped any possible accident from yesterday onward.”

Dahal, also the former Prime Minister, urged one and all to be confident that no election would take place before the scheduled date.

Saying rapid economic development should be carried out by maintaining good collaboration among private, public and cooperative sectors, Chair Dahal stressed that agriculture is the foundation of the economic development of the country.

He opined that only agriculture-based enterprises would help replace imports and promote export.

The CPN (Maoist Centre) Chairperson said that he arrived here to ensure to provide a budget amounting to Rs 50 million for the exhibition centre constructed by the Chitwan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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