Infected receive health care services at home for free

A 65-year-old COVID-19 patient of Baglung Municipality-1 was in home isolation after he tested positive for the virus. Also a diabetes and high-blood pressure patient, he was too scared in the early days after the infection. However, given the health care and psycho-social counseling services at his home for free, he not only easily defeated the virus but also received more excitements and energy. He is now fully recovered. At present, six other infected persons in Baglung bazaar have been receiving free health care and counseling services at their homes from the volunteer nurses. Nitu Khadka of Baglung Municipality-1, a health worker who is active in health care and social activities for long, has been providing treatment and counseling services to the COVID-19 patients. Khadka said that she has been providing free health care to the infected ones by realizing the social responsibility after the surge in the number of infected patients after the second wave of coronavirus,

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