Infrastructure For Silgadhi-Charali Petroleum Pipeline Soon

The construction of infrastructures for Silgadhi-Charaali petroleum pipeline is to begin soon.

The construction is underway for the infrastructure to store 40,000 kilo liter of petrol at Charali-based 23 bighas of land in the district.

According to local depot chief Manish Neupane, Nepal Oil Corporation in 2073 BS had purchased the land for the purpose and infrastructure construction was underway now.

The depot will have the capacity of storing 12,050 kiloliter of petrol, 28,050 kiloliter of diesel, 450 kiloliter of kerosene and 250 kiloliter of air fuel. The budget for the three-year project is Rs 10 billion.

This is the second inter-continental pipeline project in the country. The respective country will bear the construction cost of the project in their territories.

The pipeline project will begin from Silgadhi, India and will enter Nepal via Indo-Nepal border at Mechikhola Bridge. Of the total 50 km of pipeline, 35 km will be in Indian side while 15 km in Nepal.

Source : RSS,