Initiatives For Policy-Level Reforms Related To Disaster Management Started

The government has started initiatives for policy-level reforms related to disaster management.

According to the Home Ministry, initiatives have been taken to make policies and rules, which are now in implementation, more effective and timely.

The Ministry has conducted a consultation meeting for policy-level reforms regarding disaster management today in this regard.

On the occasion, Home Minister Bal Krishna Khand said that the state could not lag behind from the responsibility as protecting citizens’ life and property is its first responsibility.

Saying the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority was formed based on the necessity, he stressed that such infrastructures should be constructed as per the necessity of the country and it should be reformed timely.

The Home Minister pointed out the coordination and activeness of three-tier of governments to cope with disaster.

“As there is lack of coordination regarding who will work in post-disaster reconstruction, the ministry is in the process to move ahead resolving this problem”, he opined.

Home Minister Khand urged the bodies concerned to be serious as other government bodies are not found involved in disaster management like security bodies.

Similarly, Home Secretary Tek Narayan Pandey pointed out the need of serious discussion on the matters regarding what type of infrastructures is needed in disaster risk reduction and management.

He shared that it was necessary to increase people’s concern and information towards disaster.

Likewise, Chief Executive Officer of Disaster Risk Reduction and Management, Anil Pokharel, mentioned that problems have surfaced to carry out activities in a further effective manner in lack of means and resources and human resources.

Chief of Disaster Management Division of the Home Ministry, Humkala Pandey, said that a report would be submitted at the Ministry by integrating suggestions collected in the meeting.

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