Inmates facing psychiatric problems in Nepal

Lalitpur, March 14, 2019 (RSS)

It came to revelation that most of the inmates languishing in prisons across Nepal have come across psychiatric problems in one or another forms.
Lagankhel based mental hospital sources said number of jailbirds coming to the hospital for treatment from Nakhkhu Prison has seen a growing trend.
Ananta Adhikari, chief psychiatric consultant of the hospital, said the jailbirds are approaching the hospital for treatment almost every day. Especially the inmates who grew with psychiatric complications while surviving jail life for crimes come here for treatment, he added.
The jailbirds from the prisons across the country have been shifted to Nakhkhu Jail once they grew psychiatric problems.
Daily 10-15 inmates are coming to the Out Patient Department while 3-4 are found to be admitted at Internal Department of the hospital. “The trend of inmates transfer to the central jail has increased lately with the construction of a special hospital targeting jailbirds of Nakhkhu prison gaining pace”.
According to Adhikari, the patients with depression hit the highest number visiting the hospital from prison.
Some have been found with mild psychiatric problem while some others are diagnosed with intense types, he added.
Total 150 to 200 patients with psychiatric problems are coming to the OPD for treatment. The 50 beds of the hospital are always occupied by the patients, the hospital sources said.