Integrated Information System Put In Place For DRR

Biratnagar Metropolitan City has brought into operation a National Integrated Disaster Management Information System (disaster portal online) to help reduce disaster risks.

The portal has documented the disaster incidents and also contained matters on the measures to be adopted towards reducing the loss of lives and properties and preventing human-induced disasters.

Arrangement has been made to include in the portal the local people’s suggestions for disaster risk reduction and also to update the incidents of disaster occurred in Biratnagar metropolis in the past six months.

The portal will provide information on the dates, venues and reasons of the disasters of different 49 types.

Launching the portal, Biratnagar mayor Bhim Parajuli said that the measure would be useful for disaster management and risk reduction and also shared that ward-level committees are working to generate information on disaster incidents and its loss and damage in different parts of the city.

The portal has been brought into operation in coordination with the Home Ministry and collaboration with 11 ministries and departments.

Source : RSS,